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22 Ratings

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Very fortunate to have run across General Ghost and their first album Give me to the Waves. I personally like this one more than their 2nd EP (which also has it's wonderful songs (IF THEN)). Each song is special and I'm certainly looking forward to more from this band, they have wonderful potential going forward and have already created some real gems.

Recommendation: 9/10


EDIT: After practically playing this album on repeat for the past few days, I will give a closer look at each song individually:

Strange Animals: Very strong start, gives a good impression of what the band is about. Lyrics aren't the strongest on the album, but it comes together very well. 8.5/10
Give me to the Waves - The "most popular" song of theirs and rightfully so. Upbeat, catchy, and well put together. 9/10
The Gospel - Things slow down musically. A very "even" song that stays somewhere in the middle rhymically. Good lyrics, great voice range. 8.2/10
Love You Like You Love Me - Slowest, most "emotion" song on the album. Reminds me of Brett Dennan. Great lyrics, intrumentally RAW (stripped down) - 8.6/10
Get up and Move - Tempo picks up again, very personal lyrics. Maybe the song I'd recommend first to people as what the band is all about. Very strong chorus. 9.6/10
Mr. Hawking - It's about Stephen Hawking, and it's very strong lyrically. Also very sad. Took me a couple listens, but now I know that it is not a song I'll forget for a long time. 9.3/10
Don't Need You - Perfect Ending, you know the bands identity by this point and this song just reenforces it. Great chorus again. 8.8/10

These are just opinions of course, but overall this album can not be passed over. As I said before 9/10 overall.

For: Everyone who likes alternative or anything mainstream (even though this isn't).

Smrckaa ,


This album is amazing!

web1z3 ,

1# fan

i got this EP months ago when it came out online for free downlouds, seeing it in itunes makes me proud of my general ghost boys;)

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