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4.9 out of 5
299 Ratings

299 Ratings

Paul wall ,


Seeing as people on average read the first 2 sentences of a review, I'm going to Tarintino my review and give you the verdict first and then justify it.

Throw out what you know about metal because this is one of the best rock albums I've ever heard, buy it now.

If you are familiar with Opeth, you know how good this band really is. You know all about the intricate rhythms, musical layering and the ingenious song structure. You know about the subtle nuances that keep you from pressing the >>I on your iPod that make rewind the song asking yourself, "how is that even possible?" However, this is not a review for an Opeth fan because if you know this band at all, you already own the album

For those unfortuante souls who are not familiar with the band, do not be fooled when you see websites classifying Opeth under "Progressive Metal" or "Death Metal" because Opeth has mixed in elements from progressive rock, metal, jazz, folk, and their untouchable Acoustic work. What this makes for is an exceptionally diverse and interesting listen. I am not exagerating when I say that there is something for "everybody" here. Faithful metal listeners, no matter what genre you have previously listened to, you will find something refreshing here. If you are just starting off in metal, this isn't a bad place to start.

I feel that when I give an album a 5 star rating, it has to be part of a full package. This album delivers, because while the individual songs hold their own against a sea of average that just spat out another linkin park record, the album as a whole just clicks and creates something greater that any individual song could ever hope to achieve.

The bottom line is, throw out your preconcieved notions of metal and give this album a listen. Skeptics will be turned into believers and faithful followers will have solid justification. Opeth hasn't sold out, they've only made themselves stronger

Suntzu68 ,

The Record/Band all others are measured against

This was the first Opeth album I purchased. It took me better than three months to actually get into it, the growling vocals put me off right away. I'm an older fan (38 yo. now), who loves the old Genesis, Jethro Tull, Yes, Marillion, etc. and now this is the band to measure every other progressive band against (including Dream Theater and Porcupine Tree) and I couldn't imagine the songs without the growling. Simply brilliant, the most original forward thinking music of our day (I thought music was dead). And while I don't consider myself a fan of hardcore, the talent of this band is undeniable. I now own all of their albums, but this is still my favorite. Buy it, let it sink in, and enjoy....that is what it is here for.

Discerning Metalhead ,

Brilliant, of course

Opeth really are amazing. This is their first album since adding keyboardist Per Wiberg to their lineup, and I gotta say, this is the only metal album I've heard in which the keyboards don't irritate me. Rather than using cheezy symphonic sounds, he uses mostly rock organ sounds, and it really works! Guitars are still clearly the dominant instrument. Opeth's transitions from bone-crushing metal to mellow melancholic prog rock gets more seamless with every album.

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