12 Songs, 39 Minutes


Future shock from Boys Noize, Tricky, Gary Numan, and more.


Future shock from Boys Noize, Tricky, Gary Numan, and more.


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13 Ratings

Lotus Echo ,

Short and sweet..

Having been a fan of Ghost In The Shell since the late 90's, I'd have to say I'm impressed with what the film had to deliver. The atmosphere was spot on. It will stand as a testament to what other films attempting to achieve the same vision in the realm of it's grand scope. While also echoing back to the years since 'Blade Runner' to 'The Matrix' (the original anime inspired the Wachowski film) has also set a new standard not previously seen since. Music is also as important in achieving such atmosphere. Make no mistake, the original score by Kenji Kawai is nothing short of top notch. Consider this selection as a companion to the film and as a great listening experience. It has sultry moody synths that are reminiscent of 80's thriller action movies, interwoven with trip hop, down tempo, and dubstep. Some of the tracks remind me of early Richard D. James aka Aphex Twin as well. Also let's not forget that cover of "Enjoy The Silence" by KI:Theory as heard in the Theatrical Trailer. That's here to. There's also enough here to allow the listener to breath with more subtle tracks as well as keeping with the overall aesthetic. So far, as of my review, I'm on my second listen. From the onset, it has grown on me immensely.

Micahissitt ,

This is NOT GOOD

Lakeshore Records cancelled the release of the original score and Paramount released this instead. It's not good. As soon as the Bluray comes out someone's gonna just rip the tracks for the OST anyway, and then nobody gets to make money off if it. The original score was Clint Mansell and Lorne Balfe, an all star collaboration! It was great music, very cyberpunky, blade runner-ish. Just release it. Stop being stupid.

Walkerbait71 ,

Cool film!

Just saw 👻 in the 🐚 and we were super pleased with it how it turned out! Ghost in the Shell is a japanese anime that came out over 20 years ago in 1995 and it's one of the top 3 animes out along with Akira and Ninja Scroll. The film stays super close to the original source material and even go so far as to recreate some shots from the original. The story of of dealing with people with cybernetic implants being hacked blew me away 1995 so it's highly recommended. Check it out! Now as far as this soundtrack goes it was cool that they added one of Kenji Kawaii's original songs from the original anime, which they also use in the film. A remix and the original. All the other songs are good but don't appear in the film, as far as I can tell. Except Ki: Theory's cover of depesh mode's, "Enjoy the Silence" which appears in the trailer. I'm still wondering if they will release the original score 🎼 on iTunes.

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