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12 Ratings

Mathed1964 ,

Here's What You're Looking For!

Reviewers are correct in pointing out that "Get Used To It" is a re-recording on the 1970s collections. However, HERE IS THE ORIGINAL RECORDING YOU'VE BEEN LOOKING FOR! Thanks iTunes for getting the rights to this one!

vibe4 ,

Not the one.

As another reviewed alluded to, Roger Voudouris died in 2003, after what was apparently a long battle with liver disease. As someone who did love this album when I was 14 or so years old, I feel inclined to be respectful, but also honest.

In a nutshell, Radio Dream is an artifact of its time, and not an especially good one. There's nothing on here that you couldn't find done better on an album such as Boz Scaggs 'Silk Degrees'. Soft, adult pop, with disco overtones, and sadly few good tunes. That's it's engineered well is really only of significance to, well, engineers. But, again, as someone who liked Voudouris at the time, I'm glad for fans that album exists in the digital domain. If you still like 'Get Used to it', you'll probably like the other up-tempo tracks on here.

I am disappointed, however, that his album that fell between 'Radio Dream' and 'Heels of Love', 'A Guy Like Me', is not yet represented. That album, his third, featured easily the two best songs that Roger Voudouris ever recorded.

First, the album's quasi-title track, 'Guys like me', was an energetic, farfisa-led nugget unlike anything else he did. Sort of his version of acknowledging New Wave, the way Billy Joel did with tracks on 'Glass Houses' at around the same time. RV tipped his hat (jumped the train?) even more obviously on AGLM's side two opener 'New Wave Shoes'. Not at all New Wave, but it did feature some nice Beach Boys-styled harmonies, and a lyric very much like Joel's 'It's still rock n' roll to me'. I would buy both these songs the second I saw them available. So if anybody reading this can do something about that, please do.

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