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21 Ratings

dtipson ,

Better than Given Credit For

If you've been listening to Mag Fields since the start, Get Lost might well seem to wear their early style thin (before the breakthrough of 69 Love songs). But if you're a newbie to the band and like their style, it'll seem fresh. Merrit's low voice is indie unique (though an acquired taste), and his lyrics are always at once both almost comically romantic and dark: though far more inventive than they might seem (far more of deadpan over-the-top parody of goth poetry than the dreadful real thing). "With Whom to Dance," "The Desperate Things You Made Me Do" are good starts.

Spurious ,

Classic Magnetic

Not the best of their catalog but classic none the less.

....and what is up with the "Album review". This album is 15 years old so saying things like "They may want to start thinking" and "theses are starting to sound" is ridiculous.

teaparty ,

Not the best Merritt, but still better than top 40

From the standpoint of a Stephen Merrit completist, this is not the shining star album of his extensive catalogue. There are a few draggy songs compared to the pop-ier "Holiday" or the deep dark "Charm of the Hiway Strip", but this album has some wonderful tracks. There's a mix of great electronic sounds recalling Maddona's "Like a Prayer" with the always laconic and insightful Merritt lyrics, and some interesting choices in mixing and engineering that any music technology geeks will soak up. Final verdict: Newcomers to the world of Magnetic Fields should fall in love with a stronger album first, but True Blue fans will find things to adore about "Get Lost".

Best Tracks= Famous, Why I Cry, All the Umbrellas in London

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