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4.4 out of 5
42 Ratings

42 Ratings

jesusfreak555 ,

great cd :) but itunes need to get their album Sanity obscurity :)

please get that cd . :) been looking for it. can't it any were sanity obscurity . this cd a must for true believer Fan . they keep up to date on metal as well keep their original sound . it the long over due follow up to sanity obscurity keeping their form Like they left then came back and never missed a beat. Drums are so cool on this cd

Greg T Carpenter ,

Gabriel Pwns Death Magnetic

I'm shocked. I expected a desperate attempt to recapture former glory and cash in on the current thrash revival (Metallica, anybody?), but the insane level of musicianship mixed with creative songwriting on Gabriel blows my mind. You wouldn't know the band took 15 years off! Gabriel is definitely the metal album of the year so far. The album is technical, thrashy, melodic, brutal, and sounds incredible. It may be the album of their career. Maybe it's a good thing they took some time off and didn't slide into alterna-metal like Metallica and Anthrax.

gawpamib ,

Timeless Metal

They took the most interesting elements of each of the first three albums and made something completely new.
I have had their music playing regularly since 1989. The choice of which album has depended on my mood. Extraction = Raw Aggression. Sanity = Straightforward Thrashy Rock. Dimensions = Heavy / Trippy / Mind Bending. Gabriel offers it all in all of the right places.

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