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4.7 out of 5
22 Ratings

22 Ratings

anotherstalker ,

Exceeding The Mental Capacity of Grindcore

Fused Together In Revolving Doors marks a very deep and personal experience for me, and im sure many others. It's hard to put into words the raw brutality of this bands debut but I feel I must try. While many discovered The Red Chord through their monstrosity landmark known as 'Clients'. I decided one day at a record store to buy this album and see what the hype was for myself and check out their first one. A bitter winter was the perfect setting for such an experience. I became entranced by this album very quickly. A style of sheer hyper-grindcore mastery that I had never imagined conceivable by musicians. Sharply written lyrics I related to with such a harrowing sense of truth, bringing tears to my eyes, rage to my heart and beautifully violent images to my head. The music was drug-like; The twin guitar rampage, rapidly shredding and squealing through my skull with the speed of a sub-machinegun carried phenomenonly by arguably the most amazing grindcore drumming ever heard. The whole thing just came at you with this vicious energy, originality and pure carnage that no other band is capable of. My mentality towards overly heavy music changed instantly, suddenly I moved and breathed with these atrocious growls and rampant blast beats like I was a part of them. Something I never felt before, and while any of this may sound over the top; I urge you to buy this and prove me wrong. While I love Clients, Prey For Eyes, etc. They could never effect me or destroy me as personally as this one did. So please have some respect for the genre and pick this up, youll never hear anything as good.

DrClark ,

Their BEST album BY FAR

For me this is a TRUE classic...

Their later albums pale in comparison to this one's passion, energy, brutality and conviction. (part of the problem being too-polished production on latter recordings).

How can I do this justice? How to explain in words?

Buy the first track "Nihilist." It's a great representation of the rest of the album.

Just see if you don't find yourself listening to it again and again...singing along..."You'd be on my side if this happened to your little brother."

There's not many bands that have recorded 11 tracks that are this energetic, original and punishing.

Get it.

shenko711 ,

Breakthrough Album

this album is great. I bought this album of the internet probably around the time it game out at least 6-7 years ago and loved the red chord ever since. For any true Red Chord fan this a classic

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