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7 Ratings

Kako90 ,

My Second Album To Listen To

This Is One Of My Childhood Albums And I went to Denver To See Them

a song 4u ,

Streamlined reissue.

This album was originally released as a two-fer, "Fundamentalist" and "Fundamentalism," the second consisting of extended remixes from the album and "b" sides, the extended remix of "In Private" featuring Elton John is from that set.
To simply not repeat that set "Fundamentalism" has been dropped mostly, the extended "I'm With Stupid" returns here. The mastering of this album is as originally issued and the "Further Listening" cd parallels the album's sonics. For the money, if the original set is owned I'd just cherry pick the tracks here, if not, by all means get this but "Fundamentalism" is really worth seeking out.

TonyFromSyracuse ,

Ring Road!!

Ring Road to me is one of their most interesting songs I've heard in a looooong time.
and it is something sad that this will probably it for this wonderful song. it only made demo stage. but it has the patented PSB sound of being electronic,dancey and beautiful at the same time.I've been listening to it non stop. why...oh...why didnt it make the cut?

what can one say about fundamental? its electronic music mixed with orchestras....its back to back epic songs. the majesty of "Luna Park" with beautiful acoustic guitars and strings and neils soaring vocals. the powerful and HUGE integral which makes me personally want to round up some mexicans and deport them out of my country. oh, its ironic? oh well some other day then.

indefinetle leave to remain." you know...neil and chris have a way with writing beautiful acoustic guitar lush orchestra songs. drunk....email....indefinete....breathing space....luna park....hit and miss...these really make the trite and cheap sounding "Super" sound weak and thin. IF ONLY they would return to this style. oh did I mention I love Ring Road? oh I did? well too bad. its great. its PSB at their finest.something about the chord changes on the chorus part and neils vocasls really do conjure images of driving fast, anyways...Fundamental and Elysium are my 2 favorite albums of theirs that are newer. Super? MEH. the dictator and sad rolbot world...thats all there is on that one.

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