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4.8 out of 5
44 Ratings

44 Ratings

benny727 ,

One of my favorite albums

I have listened to this hundreds of times. Ok, The Field (aka Axel Wilner) creates his music by sampling, repeating, and adding some live instrumentation. Lots of people do this and the results are middling to interesting for a few plays. What makes Wilner different is that he does it so brilliantly. He takes sampling and makes it a work of genius because he is so creative and has great taste. Yes, these are repetitive but they are repeating grooves that are a delight - full of joy and a "wow, that was so good I want to keep hearing it!" excitement. Simply a great album. It leaves all other techno lying in the dust.

johnny the quarterback ,


I question whether or not this record is "perfect" because I never like to say anything is perfect, but rather that it's close and there's always room for improvement. But it's hard to go that same route with this one.

So many records/bands try to bridge two broad styles, and often it sounds like two styles messing around in the same sandbox and not always getting along. They throw sand at each other and wreck each other's sand castles...and inevitably, it starts to sound like the band is trying to force creativity while clawing and scratching for the public's attention. However, this record sounds like it found the perfect marriage between two styles - the two broad styles of dance and downtempo. Downtempo invokes "chill". And usually that comes about because the beats fall below a certain bpm... and it would be simply too hard to dance to downtempo in the traditional sense. I want to "chill" with this record, while it moves at a dancefloor pace. I can put this record on the stereo, on my imaginary terrace, and while my friends start dancing to it around me, I'll be swaying in the hammock with a margarita.

The beauty in this album is a constant thread fed through each track. Highly recommended for fans of beautiful electronica.

TJ Hu ,

Words cannot explain

I've been listening to electronic for 20+ years. This album changed everything.

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