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118 Ratings

Fresh, Inconsistent ,

Grassroots Part 2

The albums Transistor, and Soundsystem were taking room for 311 to expand musically, away. Grassroots and The Blue Album gave the band their flawless signature sound. Transistor re-vamped it with synthesizers and technological works, but sometimes made the band lazy and awkward. Soundsystem returned to the sounds of The Blue Album, which was a good thing, but the band stuck to an over-positive and Mid-tempo flow, that lacked the invigorating energy of 311's earlier works. Now, on From Chaos, 311 continue learning to fix themselves and climb their way right back up to the level of brilliance they were at on Grassroots. From Chaos is an unbelievable album. The band's energy has returned ten-fold, and their charm has surpassed itself. You Get Worked, Sick Tight, and Wake Your Mind Up, are fast rap-rock beats that sound like they are fresh out of 1995's blue album, but with a more modern flavor, making them fantastic tracks. You Wouldn't Believe, Full Ride, and I Told Myself, Utilize 311's signature sound and talents with new ideas and a more oven-fresh style. Champagne, Amber, and I'll Be Here Awhile are all softer, beautiful, unmistakably original pieces that show 311 are master song-writers. From Chaos is 311 adding new ideas and modern flavors to their successful Grassroots/Blue Album formula. Every track is beautiful, catchy, and memorable, making From Chaos 311's second-best work.

im awesome 2 ,

excellent band, excellent album

Amber is my all time favorite song of theirs.

J_Wade ,

What a difference 8 years makes

I loved From Chaos when it first came out, but with the hindsight of 8 years and two not-so-great albums, it really becomes apparent just how good From Chaos actually is. Easily one of their top three albums.

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