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132 Ratings

FireballRi ,

It gets better the more you listen!

I pre-ordered the album. The night it released I was more excited than a little kid on Christmas. I listened to every song and wasn't impressed....

BUT! If you keep listening, every song gets better. And after hearing the entire album about 5 or 6 times now I have grown to love every song!

Good job 10 years. I will forever be a fan!

Chris Mattinson ,

10 Years used to be my favorite band

I remembering going to see this band shortly after Division came out in 2008 and it was one of the best concerts I've ever been to. But I feel that, ever since then, 10 Years has been on a downward slope. The Autumn Effect was their best album to date, an album where they thought through every song lyrically and melodically, and the album as a whole was very distinct in its sound. It had its own unique atmosphere that was concluded with their only epic to date but one of their best songs, The Autumn Effect. Division, while a change in sound, but in my opinion, a step in the right direction, was also amazing. But when Matt Wantland, their guitarist, left, the band started going downhill. Feeding the Wolves was still a decent album in my opinion. I know everyone says the album was amazing, but I felt they'd lost their initial sound, despite claiming that Feeding the Wolves was supposed to be a return to that initial sound. I hoped that their next album would be better and at first listen, I thought it was, but I realized that many of the songs off Minus the Machine were very plain or flat.

From Birth to Burial is by far the worst album 10 Years has created to date. The album itself sounds like absolute crap B-sides that the band scrapped up and shoved into an album in order to finish another album. I would've thought that after 3 years since their previous album, they would have tried to create a new sound. From Birth to Burial is instead a rehashing of 10 Years's worst sounds into one album and the result is completely bland metal album with no catchy vocals or riffs.

I'll be honest. I wasn't a huge fan of Miscellanea because I felt the chorus was a little boring, but song overall I felt was okay. But the rest of the album makes that single look like the Mona Lisa of songs. The only song that I felt was worth listening to was From Birth to Burial's closing track, Moisture Residue. Despite it's odd name, the song takes my favorite riff from Miscellanea, the soft piano, and expands on it creating a song that is oddly reminiscent of Proud of You from Division. The rest of the album is boring. It's loud tracks include little to no melody or any decent instrumentals and its soft ballads, while good at their beginnings, remain the same throughout the song and are just overall forgetful.

At this point, I've almost given up on 10 years. In my opinion, it's been almost 10 years since your last good album, and I feel like that's not going to change. Maybe my music taste has matured since my middle school days of liking this band, but I just feel the band has lost its direction and isn't coming back.

Cody Raulston ,

Pleasantly surprised.

After reading a few negative reviews on here, I became nervous about the quality of this album. However, once I listened to it this morning, I have to say those people were straight up wrong.

This album isn’t their best by any means, but it is still very, very good. Every song is great. Any true fan of 10 Years will love this album.

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