11 Songs, 1 Hour 6 Minutes


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4.8 out of 5
45 Ratings

45 Ratings

j-to-tha-g ,

Best dnb Album of all time!

Most inivative/original dnb album I've ever heard.
Anyone who knows dnb will tell you the same.

2 of my real good friends bought this album. And they don't even follow dnb.
This is such a great album that its taking everyone off guard.

With each track danny switches it up. I had a friend as on ever track I played from the album,
"is this still the same artist?" He couldn't believe how diverse this guy was.

I ran into one friend of mine I haven't seen in a while... He grew up in the UK back in the good
ol' raver days. And he hadn't really followed any kind of eletronic music since then. I tell him
to listen to this new album I bought... Not knowing what he would say... He lost his mind
when "Shock Out" dropped. He couldn't believe it. I was like the dad he never had. This album
became the answer to all his problems. He got out of my car and ran into the store and bought the album. This is what Danny's album is doing to non dnb believers.

Danny Byrd... Don't change a thing. You got the right idea. Keep it up! Don't stop now!

Balla_From_The_Grave ,

Tightest album all year

This is straight up gangsta. I have never heard something that makes want to get up and dance. By Far best Album thsi year!

DamnMel ,

You won't be disappointed!

Honestly, the best d'n'b album I've ever heard. A wonderful balance between crazy, loud tracks and hot vocal tracks. Danny is a genius and Hospital Records knows talent when they see it!

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