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2 Ratings

honolulu dougo! ,

The limited edition finally reissued

At some point poetry took a path (or a detour) onto pieces of paper, but in some fundamental way it remains an expression in sound, an articulation of voice. Terenesia was from the outset to be an album of "amplified poetry," a form coined by red flea that invites musical instruments, electronic recording and manipulation of the sound itself. In amplified poetry the voice sometimes folds over itself to create a polyphony of words. The effect of this vocal word-polyphony on Terenesia is the shimmering of the ocean sometimes. Really.

A wonderful example is the first track, Teaiwa's appropriately titled, "First Words" where a digitally manipulated, completely separate "echo" track chases the primary track and finally catches it on "last words." There is poignancy, a significance, a meaning in this that cannot be expressed in writing, simple recitation or in any other form. This is amplified poetry.

Why reissue Terenesia? The original and only run of 500 CDs is long gone. This is the way of poetry. Emily Dickinson bound a very few copies of her poetry for a few select people. Shih-Te left tiny poems brushed on shrub leaves. But Terenesia is a digital work that persists and blossoms in this digital era. I am not thinking in terms of sales. I am thinking how amazing it might be for new ears. And for old ears to hear again. With the current digital means of distribution, Terenesia might find an audience beyond what was possible before. That kinda goes against the very exclusive and esoteric principles behind limited edition chapbooks and such, but it would be a shame to keep these tracks hidden.

-- H. Doug Matsuoka
24 August 2010
Makiki, Honolulu