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Mastered for iTunes


Mastered for iTunes

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4.2 out of 5
50 Ratings

50 Ratings

Daniel el Trabiezo ,


Dennis obviously ate a cheeseburger and learned how to sing. Not sure what Creed records the other reviewer listens to, but Scott Stapp never sounded like this. Refused are again delivering the face-punching bombast they're so rightly known for. Hope I get to see them open for FNM this summer.

Justatypist ,

Refused, will not be refused!

One of my all time favorite pioneering bands is back and more brutal then ever! This is what punk rock needs. I heard "freedom" today and actually felt the title name resonate vibrantly through the song. "Freedom" is a weapon of mass destruction for all of these terrible bands the world is now used to. I don't speak on behalf of Refused but cmon! They opened the floodgates 17 years ago for all of us musicians in the world and we still haven't touched them! If you're looking for the new Nirvana (or old enough to know who Nirvana is) pass. If you're looking for sweet somber nothingness of Mumford & Sons, go back to the coffee shop and have another latte. If you're looking for musically real and lyrically real along with bombastic audacities with clever antic dotes fevered by pulsing drums and solid-bone-crushing riffs...well, hey. You've come to the right place! Be liberated by the music. Art as a form of voice. Art as the strongest caliber of weapon. This is what the shape of punk should have become...enjoy!

Edit after release:
Not what I thought it would be. I guess it's a change in direction...at times I have to question what the direction is, exactly. Kind of bummed out. In a major way.

canYouSpareSomeChange ,


The honesty and integrity is unmatched. Rock ’n’ roll for those boys who don’t have to sit down to pee.

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