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Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics.


Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics.

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3.8 out of 5
172 Ratings

172 Ratings

Jeezy Jr. ,

Pick and Choose...

the songs you purchase on here. There are definitly some very good songs, but there are also some tracks that you just will not want to hear. I recommend that you purchase the entire album because although half the tracks on here are not very good, there are still 6-8 songs on here that are at least pretty good. There are a lot of big name collabos on this album, including Swizz Beatz, Snoop Dogg, Nelly, Chamillionaire, T.I., T-Pain, Usher, Huey, Ludacris, Keyshia Cole, and Polow Da Don. Not all of these guests live up to their expectations. Besides the collabos on here, the only song I recommend that you check out is Rise Up. It has a great message, and the lyrics on here come from the heart. Additionally, all of the money earned from this song goes to help the Virginia Tech shooting victims.

Here are the notable tracks:
The Champ- features Swizz Beatz. Is a very good intro to the album. Swizz Beatz has a very good beat that kind of sounds like an orchestra. Although this song is only 2 minutes long, I would recommend that you buy it. 4/5 Stars.
Double Up- features Snoop Dogg. Is extremely catchy with a great chorus. Snoop's verse is very good also. 5/5 Stars.
Tryin' to Get A Number- features Nelly. Nelly's verse is very bad and so is the chorus. Just a poor overall song. 2/5 Stars.
Get Dirty- features Chamillionaire. Chamillionaire's verse is great and the chorus is very catchy. Great beat. 5/5 Stars.
I'm a Flirt Remix- features T.I. and T-Pain. Album's catchiest song has a great verse from T.I. and
R. Kelly really shines on this song. I think this should have been the second single after Same Girl. 5/5 Stars.
Same Girl- features Usher. The album's finest. Kels and Usher are good friends in this song, and both are talking about this girl that they are dating. They eventually come to find out that they are dating the same girl. This song is told like a short story and is on the same level off musical genius as the Trapped In the Closet series. 5/5 Stars.
Hook It Up- features Huey. Huey really has no talent, and is simply one of those artists who only has succes making up a dance. This song really has no positives to it. 1/5 Stars.
Rock Star- features Ludacris and Kid Rock. Ludacris's verse is really good. This song takes a little time to like, but it will grow on you. 4/5 stars.
Best Friend- features Keyshia Cole and Polow Da Don. Keyshia Cole's verse is very good and Polow da Don chimes in with a very good beat and a solid verse. Once again, Kels shines in this song.
5/5 Stars.
Rise Up- the only solo song on here that I recommend you check out. This song has a very good message about how to never give up. All of the earnings from this song will be donated to the Virginia Tech shooting victims. 4/5 Stars.

Top 5 Songs:
1)Same Girl
2)I'm a Flirt Remix
3)Get Dirty
4)Double Up
5)Best Friend

Final Thoughts:
Originally this song was supposed to be called Double Up because it would include two discs, but this is not the case. I feel that this album should have been condensed. There are definitely some great tracks on here, and even a few genius ones, but there is also a good share of bad ones. Still the good ones outweight the bad ones, so this is an album worth getting.

B.I.G. B ,

Double Up

Awesome from beginning to end! Track 1 is the perfect intro to this great cd and swizz kills the beat. Tracks 2-4 are straight club bangers while 5-7 are typical Kells R&B. Then we go into the great singles I'm A Flirt Remix and Same Girl. Then we got Real Talk which is Kells singing... well real talk with a girl. Track 11 is a good collaboration with Huey {A.K. A. Mr. Pop, Lock and Drop It}. Huey actually flows on the track. Then we go into Rock Star, an amazing collaboration with Luda and Kid Rock. Then there's Best Friend which gives you a Trapped In The Closet feel where Kells, Keyshia Cole and Polow Da Don play a soap drama kind of thing. Then there's Rollin, not one of the better songs on the album, which is Kells basically goin on about his cars, but still good. Then Tracks 15-17 Go back to the 90s r&b R. Kelly (especially Sex Planet). Then there's the inspirational Rise Up which was for the survivors of the Virginia Tech Shooting. Then finally there's Ringtone which was good All in all, this is a solid R.Kelly album and if you enjoyed any of his previous work this a definite buy! And even if you haven't, anyone who likes Hip-Hop and R&B and Kells should cop this one.

Lil' J.J ,

Double Up Yall

Overall, awesome album. R comes through again with THE best!

almost every song is worth the download but i reccomend these the most:

1.Double Up
2.Tryin' to Get a Number
3.Get Dirty
4.I'm a Flirt(remix)
5.Same Girl
6.Hook It Up
7.Rock Star(you'll get used to it)

Preview them first cuz thats just me but its the top album of '07 so far

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