14 Songs, 44 Minutes


Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics.


Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics.

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4.8 out of 5
21 Ratings

21 Ratings

cjgobsum41 ,

Finally an explicit copy

Anyway. Gob is an extremely underrated band.
Let's do the blah out of 10 thing.

1. Lemon-Aid- A title that becomes aparrent during the song. It has plenty of hooks and distorted guitars to give your ears plenty of enjoyment. 9/10

2. I've Been Up These Steps- The song although really great the first time you listen to it loses it's luster much to quickly due to repeated guitar rhythms. 7/10

3. Oh! Ellin- This is the best song for showing off how Tom Thacker(lead singer of band) can change his voice so well.(between screaming and singing) 9/10

4. I Cut Myself Too- This song is just plain entertaining no matter how many times you listen to it. 10/10

5. Fed Up- It takes a while to get into it but they took a really artsy approach with this song. 9/10

6. Ming Tran- Just think about the person you hate most and let this song soothe your wounds. 10/10

7. When Life Gets Boring- A song about stalking a girl. It kind of makes me laugh actually. 9/10

8. Give Up The Grudge- Even though it's a single it deffinitely is the best song on the album. I've been listening to it for 5 years and still haven't gotten bored. If you plan on only getting one song from this album make it this one. 10/10

Bones- This song should deffinitely have been a lot longer because it gets you pumped and you can compare it to almost anything. Lots of strong hooks here. 9/10

10. This Evil World- Another one of my favorties off of this album. 10/10

11. I Hear You Calling- Do yourself a favor and get the original from their album The World According To:. 9/10

12. Bully- This song has been played full blast on my radio so many times. It is another great example of Tom's ability to scream but still make it entertaining.

13. Cold Feet- A song about a guy who leaves a girl at the alter but realizes he loves her but it's too late she's gone. Beautiful song lyrically. 10/10

14. Everybody's Getting Hooked Up- Not one of the strongest tracks. It gets a little redundant. 6/10

soxfan164 ,

Wow you Alternative thinker needs to do a little research before he rates this album.

For your information Gob isn't "copying" sum 41 considering the head singer of this band is a band member of Sum 41. Gob has also been a band longer than Sum 41 from the same country of Canada. So before you beat on this band, try to get your facts right.

ccall ,


Give up the grunge?? Lol! It’s grudge btw

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