9 Songs, 37 Minutes


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4.8 out of 5
28 Ratings

28 Ratings

more more more capsule!! ,

*moves head CM style*

I know I say this on all of my capsule reviews, but oh well. This is such an AMAZING album! *Every single song* is catchy, starting with another of capsule's intros, Construction. FLASH BACK is probably the best instrumental I've heard in my lifetime. Despite the repetition in the lyrics, Eternity is one of those that you can't help but love "through all eternity," as Toshiko sings xD "You are the reason" sadly doesn't feature Toshi~chan's vocals, but even so, Nakata did really well (ha!) with the stock audio, making this a great track to make you want to dance! "Love me" is sort of the same style, but (and I'm not very good with musical terms)... in a lower key?? So good! "I'm feeling you" is so amazing as well; I really can't believe Toshiko held out the notes for so long and they still sound perfect. You can tell through the vocoder ;)
Musixxx is catchy to no end... ehem, "through all eternity"... I've been distracted from situations many times going "m-u-s-i-m-u-s-i-x-x-x-x" like the song, lol.
Get Down probably beats them all in the catchy factor. If there's a bad song stuck in your head or you need medicine for slight temporary depression, take your medicine in capsule form and listen to this one. Besides the fact this is great high-quality music!!
Electric light moon light is a beautiful conclusion to the album :D A relaxed song, and one of the... two... that is almost completely in Japanese. Toshiko's voice and Nakata's music together are so relaxing on this one.
(Again) I really recommend you buy the whole album!! If you watch the TV ad for this album on YouTube, you'll understand the title of my review completely, and you won't blame Toshiko much either =D Also, after checking contemode's website (capsule's record label), I see this *is* the whole album. And what an album =D

cozybop ,

Great Album!

I love this album. My favorites are Eternity, You Are the Reason, Love Me, I'm Feeling You, and Get Down. This album is totally different from Sugarless Girl but in a good way.

the_smack_down ,

Not my fave, but still good

Capsule is by far Japan's best electro group and this is def in their top five albums. Although the album is a bit short, it still lives up to capsule's standards and contrary to other reviews this is the full album. I've seen this in the itunes Japan store and on several cd sites and the tracklisting is the same so stop complaining that this is not the full album. Honestly though, this is not my fave cd of theirs. They do have some great tracks on here but to me it's just not as solid as some of their other releases. Capsule is still a must for any electro fan fo sho! xD


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