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The metal gods' 18th album is a killer return to form.

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The metal gods' 18th album is a killer return to form.

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4.8 out of 5
409 Ratings

409 Ratings

TonyFromSyracuse ,

lightning is striking!!

is it new priest album time??? WHOA.....bring it on. can only judge lightning strikes but it sounds brutal and heavy! I know they can be counted on to bring the metal but I hope there is something beautiful on there also. been a long time since we had a ballad as good as "before the dawn". anyways totally excited!

Xrage ,

Great Album

This is a great priest album. When most of their peers are gone or putting out average albums these guys are still rocking as hard as they ever have. Honestly what else could you want from these guys at this point in their career?

Diazim ,

Very disappointed

I am a huge Judas Priest fan from way back and I actually was very excited when in 2014 they made their comeback album.

But I defy anyone to find anything new in either one of these albums that even comes close to the melodic metal that priest put out prior to 1990. Every riff is pretty much the exact same. There is little variation and there is only one song in each of their last three releases that even comes close to being worthy of their name.

I am not going to buy this album. But I give it 3 stars instead of 1 because A)It's Priest and they are trying to stay relevent. B) The artwork on their albums still holds up. and C) I gotta give them credit for being as old as they are and rocking like they are still 20-somethings.

Sometimes being a fan means bringing an element of difference to the table. I am a fan. But when the "old Sh**" is still relevant and can stand up to the crap that is being released today by a lot of artists, you gotta say something.

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