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4.4 out of 5
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78 Ratings

Iron666Maiden ,

Great songs, but over produced.

I am a huge 3 inches of blood fan and am no way upset with the quality of the songs on this album. As an audio engineer however I came to realize that sometimes a band is just so powerful on their own that all it takes is a good room, decent gear and the willingness to wait for the right take for them to sound their best on the record. I feel like this album lacks the dynamic range of Advance And Vanquish, the guy from SlipKnot seems to have taken them down the path of over-compressed tracks and attempts to smooth out something that was never meant to sound smooth that is so common of the nu-metal genre. I love these songs and I know that this album will be every bit as powerful for me as the previous release was when I get to see them performed live. Death to false metal. Hail and Kill!!

Mirrin ,

Simply, awesome.

I've been waiting for this album to come out since it was announced, bought it this morning, and I must say that I am in no way disappointed. 3 Inches of Blood switched their lineup quite a bit since Advance and Vanquish, and it is certainly for the better. They have a much heavier sound and a darker feel to FUTB. I, for one, think that this is a VERY good successor to A&V, and I like it alot more. Any fan of 3IB should buy this album, and if you're interested in an "old school" kind of style power metal with a good deal of fantasy, I highly recommend it.

RageCage24 ,

At this rate, 3IOB's next album will achieve perfection

After listening to Advance and Vanquish, I didn't think 3 Inches of Blood could get much better.


The guitar work in Fire Up The Blades has taken a huge step in the positive direction. The riffs are getting better, the solos are getting longer, cleaner, and more complex, and the drummer has improved by a ridiculous amount. I can't stress that enough, the drums really stepped it up this album; I was not dissappointed.

The only criticism I have, and it's a small one at that, are that the vocals aren't quite as pure as in Advance and Vanquish. They still rule, and I do still sing along to Night Marauders as I drive to school and work, but it wasn't Deadly Sinners, as petty as that may sound. Definitely pick this up, and try to see them live, too. It's like a metalhead's pilgrimage to mecca to see these guys live (3IOB and GWAR).

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