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4.9 out of 5
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30 Ratings

Iro_Panda ,

Eisley's Best Album Yet.

This is perhaps their most cohesive album since Room Noises but still has a lot of the experimentation and creativity from their more recent albums; it's their best album yet. You can tell that this is a band with multiple lead singers and song writers but never before have they all melded together so well. There is a great mix of simple and more complex ideas weaving throughout Currents, a great effort to keep things dynamic yet balance. I feel I can hear more than ever some mature, positive influences coming in from artists they admire but the album as a whole is unmistakably Eisley. This is a band that is only getting better.

Reject_Ragdoll ,

Can't Stop Listening

At first I gave this album 4 stars, but I take it back. Room Noises is still my favorite album, but this album has advanced so much musically and it is so cool to watch on my favorite bands transition in their growth into adults. I have to say that I think Sherri's songs, like Blue Fish, Save My Soul, and Wonder English, have a great sound and are fun to listen to, but cannot compare to Stacy's musical elegancy. I don't know Stacy, but I am so impressed by her musical growth. She is a true musician in my eyes.

It is cool to see Stacy and Sherri kind of split their sounds as they've grown into their own unique personalities - Sherri, always spunky, and Stacy, always elegant. You hear a distinct difference in style as you move from Currents to Blue Fish to Drink the Water to Save My Soul. The same situation occurred in The Valley, where their different personalities really came out for the first time. Yet, the work harmoniously, almost like a yin yang thing, to create this one overall sound that is unique and keeps you on your toes.

So I applaud this album. I can tell they have learned so much in their musical journey, and, I am so proud to see that they haven't yet sold out for anybody. I know if they keep making the music for themselves and the fans that we will keep listening. I really think they're one of the best bands I know.

My favorite songs on this album are Currents, Blue Fish, Drink the Water, Millstone, Wicked Child, and Lost Enemies. I love, too, that they brought Christie and Collin into the mix on this album, and that Chauntelle had a song of her own, which is beautiful. My favorite thing on this whole album though, is the little piano solo in Lost Enemies; (takes me back to Mister Pine and Marvelous Things a little bit).

Can't wait to hear what they will create next. Hopefully I'll get to see them live one day. (And hope that Sucre will be coming out with something new - A Minor Bird was excellent)!

Moss Eirsley ,

Come full circle

I've followed this little band since i first purchased an EP from a christian bookstore, what seemed eons ago. They've had their ups (those said EP's, Room Noises… and their downs 'the last album') but I'm glad to finally see they've come full circle round to their old sound of anthemic melodic and moody rock. And intensely talented group who's experienced their share of changes and undulations, I'm beyond pleased with this latest venture!! Keep it up in the future!!

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