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128 Ratings

kyler21 ,

How Can They Not Give Us "Safe & Sound"?

This is an awesome movie soundtrack but why still no "Safe & Sound", the ending to the Japanese version, done by Kyosuke Himuro, Featuring Gerard Way? It's even better in my opinion than the original AC movie ending theme that we still end up with in the US release of ACC. Maybe I just don't understand licensing rights...

Symbolkid ,

Its about damn time

Ive been waiting for the movie version of One Winged Angel for hella long!

Honestka ,


This soundtrack should be counted as an extension of the original movie soundtrack, and not a free-standing album, of course. Many of the added tracks are short because of extended scenes; but the available originals have been enhanced or lengthened (for example, Battle in the Forgotten City and One Winged Angel).
Also, if you have not watched the short video included (as a bonus?) in ACC, "Case of Denzel," then several of the songs will not sound familiar.
While I love this soundtrack, I wish we weren't teased with minute-long songs like Hearts Entwining (Tifa's Theme) and Main Theme (ACC Piano Version). But I realize this is the Complete version; added tracks are not necessarily supposed to stand by themselves so much as enhance the viewing.

As far as recommendations:
"One Winged Angel" a must, die-hard Sephiroth fan or not. I believe this new version is slightly slower?
"Battle in the Forgotten City" as another action fix of a song. I'm very thankful they enhanced this track; after listening to the new one, you won't want to listen to the old ever again.
"Anxiety" is a short but unfailingly mysterious, thoughtful track (from the Nibelheim theme, "Anxious Heart").
"Main Theme of Final Fantasy VII - ACC Piano Version" is brief but absolutely, simply gorgeous and nostalgic.
"Main Theme of Final Fantasy VII - ACC Orchestra Version," played in Denzel's flashback, offers a nice orchestral arrangement of the original theme and several new bits.

Also, to my knowledge Safe and Sound was not released in the Japanese version of the soundtrack, either.

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