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4.8 out of 5
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138 Ratings

Liane ,

Back to my childhood

I was five when my brother bought this game. I would sit and watch him everyday. The music was the most beautiful thing. When I grew a little older, I played it myself and fell in love with Uematsu's creativity and the feeling that he put into such simple and beautiful melodies. Listening to it again after 10 years, I still remember every piece he wrote. To me, FF6 and 7 were the most beautiful games ever written, with the most beautiful music.

Elranzer ,

Best of SNES (on iTunes anyway)

Final Fantasy VI definiately had the most diverse soundtrack of the SNES era, and somehow manages to sound more majestic than its successor, FF7. Each of the 16 playable characters have a dynamic and unique theme. The game features quite possibly the most despicable villain in the entire Final Fantasy series, and his theme compliments him perfectly. It is the best on the SNES you can find on iTunes, surpassed only by three other Square SNES soundtracks that aren't availble to get here: Chrono Trigger, Romancing SaGa 3 and Super Mario RPG.

Tonokan ,

Nobuo is greater than Beethoven

I still play all of the old SNES games, and this one will always be a favorite. To anyone who is thinking of just buying a couple tracks and that's it, don't. Buy the entire soundtrack, purely for Dancing Mad. That is my favorite track of music/song EVER. Over 17 minutes long and I've still listened to it about 30 times. It was also programmed brilliantly in the game. Anyway, buy the whole thing. I mean, come on, it's less than $10 for 61 tracks of music!

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