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54 Ratings

Saelin ,

One of the Best OSV of Any Final Fantasy

If you have played the game, the choice is obvious, since this Final Fantasy is well liked by by virtually all fans of the FF Series. The quality of the some of the themes found here rank among themes of younger and more technologically advanced Final Fantasies. With FF4 being such a great game in of itself, hearing the soundtrack will bring back great memories of the gaming experience. As such, it is difficult
to get the full experience that this soundtrack has to offer, with no scenes to relate them too.

It is dated, being released in 1991, but you'll be able to tell the high quality behind the composing. The Battle themes, Prologue, Prelude, Town Music composed in this game, of which all FFs have, are simply one of the best that Uematsu has done. Those tunes never get old, and that says alot since 1991 is a long time ago :p

Simply put, this is an excellent soundtrack (Celtic Moon is awesome too) that would be enjoyed by any person who likes quality video game music.

Curugon ,

Prelude to Greatness

This game redefined the RPG genre, and its soundtrack basically introduced leitmotif to the video game world as a whole. For us Americans, FFIV was known as FFII - the second Final Fantasy game to grace our country. The first knocked my socks off, even if it had little to no story (compared to the latter games). For those who did not play these games, it's hard to describe the emotional impact of the following cues - suffice to say, they overcome the 16-bit limitations based on their wonderful orchestrations and powerfully moving themes.

Noj-Esco ,

A Marvelous Acheivement

Considering that this music is nearly 17 years old, coming from an era of gaming in which the music was commonly an afterthought at best, what Uematsu created is nothing short of amazing. Still one of the best scores in the series, still one of the best scores in the entire genre, this is Uematsu in top form.

There are a few standouts. The Prelude, for example, is perhaps the best it's been in the entire series, as well as Battle's 1 & 2 being two of the most memorable 'Regular' and 'Generic Boss' battle themes in the franchise. It must also be said that Prologue, along with The Prelude, is far better in this soundtrack than it was in the next several soundtracks. The range goes from the upbeat militaristic track of Kingdom of Baron to the sweet, mellow Theme of Love, from the intruiging melody of The Land of Summons to the heroic Lunar Whale.

The highlights would definitely be the two tracks twards the end: Within the Giant and The Final Battle - both of these themes I could seriously listen to for hours. Within the Giant is a very powerful, heroic melody, perfect for the last location (the Moon's Core), and The Final Battle shows just how far primative synth can go, as it actually uses multiple instrumental layers swaying back and forth to a very powerful, climactic effect. Some gaming fansites have ranked it the best last battle theme in gaming history. Other highlights, not already mentioned, are The Airship, with its sweeping strings, the somber and spiritual A Long Way to Go, the dark Bomb Ring, and the upbeat and almost inspirational Mt. Ordeals.

Final Fantasy IV is a truly wonderful game, and while the score isn't as massive, epic or diverse as FFVI's, but next to FFVI, I'd personally rank this as the best Uematsu-only Final Fantasy scores. The only thing I could ask for would be for the tracks to extend longer.

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