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6 Ratings

TeeJayNeeMan ,

Fulfill your BT addiction with this!

Like alot of bands I have been getting into, I am going backwards with Blitzen Trapper. I started with "Furr" (this was before they released "Destroyer of the Void"), I loved Furr, it is Blitzen Trapper's best album ("Destroyer of the Void" is a very close 2nd). So desperately wanting some more Blitzen Trapper I got "Wild Mountain Nation". Although WMN took a while to sink in, it quickly became one of my favorite new albums. After exhausting Furr, WMN, AND Destroyer, where else could I go but backwards again? So Field Rexx here we come!

However, I could not find this album anywhere! I am from the download generation, and I could not find it online. Because I love the band so much and they are from the region I live in (Portland, OR area), I decided to support them and BUY this album on iTunes. I was concerned. This album is like a ghost album (no reviews have been written on it, and most BT fans have never heard it), I was worried I threw my money away on the dregs of the band's pre-creative revolution that came with “Wild Mountain Nation”.

After the first 3 tracks, my fears became realized, but then the 4th track started playing: “Summer Twin” and my ears were in awe, how could such beautiful music come from an album with such abrasive/experimental first 3 tracks? Unlike a lot of BT’s music which takes multiple listens to sink in (due to the complexity of the music), “Summer Twin” hit me immediately. It is a beautiful song, one of BT’s all-time best!

The other masterpiece song on this album is “40 Stripes”, I mean, when the bass/guitar solo starts at 1:00 you are officially sucked in (if you aren’t already) and then when the voice-solo kicks in at 2:12, you know the love you have for this song is true. Once the masterpiece “40 Stripes” ends, BT throws in another lovely treat: “Asleep for Days” – this is a catchy, fun, and breezy song that will soon have you saying “I’ve been asleep for days”, even though (if you are a BT fan) you will have spent the last few days listening to this album over and over. Why? Because even the “abrasive” songs I mentioned earlier will eventually become stuck in your head.

For example, the 2nd track, “Lux & Royal Shopper”, the song that at first I disliked, eventually became one of my favorites. It’s an extremely fun and quirky song and the last minute is genius. And the other song I disliked in the beginning, “Love I Exclaim!” is just as fun and quirky as Lux. Some other notable highlights from the album include the simple, slow, but back-roads country style “Concrete Heaven” which is preformed live. Also, “Dreamers and Giants” is better than all of the songs mentioned above.

The second half of the album, sadly, does not live up to the first half and prevents me from giving this early-BT album 5 stars. Not to say the second half doesn’t have some enjoyable songs, but really it’s the first half of this album that makes it worth seeking out, or in my case, buying. If you are a Blizen Trapper fan, if your new favorite albums are “Destroyer of the Void” and “Furr”, if you like any of their music, check this out! It isn’t as good as their last two albums, but it will fulfill your BT addiction as it did for me!

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