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4.2 out of 5
18 Ratings

18 Ratings

ThePolecat ,

Good Thrash!

I'm not sure why there aren't any reviews for this record it. I'm almost 30, so I didn't spend any time in the 80s listening to thrash metal. I hadn't ever heard of Annihilator until maybe 6 months ago when I was poking around on Itunes looking for stuff that sounded good. This is solid good melodic thrash metal. There are not many groups out there making stuff like this anymore. I was trained in music as a child, and most metal these days sounds like the cookie monster screaming about being depressed whilst banging on a rock wall with a sledge hammer.

This record is well produced. It has good melodic guitars. The vocal range is limited, but he tries to keep it interesting. The second half of the album is re-recorded tunes from their old days. So, for 9.99 you get a pretty good deal. Check it out.

Crunk Daddy ,

thanks, Jeff! What a nice surprise!

Wonderful treat, this - a spectacular re-recording many of their old classics (Disc 2) with what sounds like the tightest group of musicians they’ve ever had. Some of these songs sound even better than the first time they were recorded. New songs are nice too!!

pholly ,

Great second half

The new part of this album is ok, I'd probably give it a 3 but "disc" two is rerecorded classic Annihilator and sounds better than the originals to me. I would have given the second half 5 stars as a stand alone album but for what you're getting, you can't get much better for 9.99.

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