29 Songs, 1 Hour 25 Minutes


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4.8 out of 5
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71 Ratings

Lincoln's Repeater ,


For those that can call Fallout 3 their favorite game, this album is like a sirens call, calling them back to the wastes. Because war... War never changes.

Ryan Rios ,

Haha 😃 Great Job on this, you guys are awsome!

This is by far Very Epic! That is for those who are (Fallout 3) Fans like me. Thank you very much for making this. But i also recomend making a sound track or album for the (GNR Galaxy News Radio - Songs!) 🎮BEST RPG EVERY!🎮

💥F A L L O U T 3💥

Kakichi ,

Terrific and haunting

The ambient "music" of the Fallout games has always given a certain life to such teriffic stories, blasted lands, and downtrodded peoples. These soundtracks convey so much of the emotion that naturally accompanies exploration in a ruined world.

My personal favorites are the "world themes", or the music that just calmly plays while you're alone in the wasteland. Its so calm, so beautiful, and wonderul to listen to in game or not. I'm not as big a fan of combat music in these games and that's saying something since I generally love the "must survive!" tempo of most combat game music, but the combat themes don't even really do it for me in the Elder Scrolls games either.

To each their own, I'd buy these soundtracks in a heartbeat for the calm stuff, it just hits me the right way and really helps immerse me into these game worlds.

Highly recommended and long-awaited! Thanks Bethesda!

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