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RXBandit89 ,


I cannot say enough good things about this record. I'm tempted to say it harkens back to the early years of breakthrough post-hardcore, to the Worship and Tributes, to the Illusions of Safety, the Full Collapses, and the Watch Outs; yet, I cannot say that this album is a rehashing or emulation of those sounds either. While any additions to those formulas may be hard to pinpoint, there is a very refined quality to this record that sets it apart from its influences. If you are or ever have been a fan of anything under the large umbrella that is "post-hardcore," this is no doubt a worthy purchase. It is not an album that you'll have to commit lots of time to in order to appreciate it as much as aforementioned landmarks (and their followups) - it will hit you immediately. If you have no idea what the hell "post-hardcore" means, you may not find a better definition than in these 14 tracks right here.

PapayaNoir ,


Thomas Cornelius put it pretty much perfect in his review. I've listened to this album so many times and it deserves this re-release immensely. I still get legitimate chills from the pure emotion and honesty and beautiful craftsmanship if these songs. This album truly is a classic of our generation. Please, please support this band.

AVA rocker 12 ,

Words can't describe these guys

I heard of this band through a link from their record label, and i was pissed that i hadn't heard of them earlier.
They bring flair to the punk/alternative/hardcore genre that was insanity, let me break it down.
Sound- if you like punk rock or any kind of rock letlive. is easily accessable, they have a breathtaking feel with their masterful combination of guitars, bass, double bass drums, singing, and high screaming messages.
Meaning-this seems like Jordan's(Lead singer) magnum opus- the work of his life, at least to now. the topics range from issues of world relations in "Sick,Sick,6.8 Billion",
the issues/ feelings of his father or another subtopic of him doing what he is doing for his own reasons in "Renegade 86" wich is unreal pump up music,
the mistreatmen of native americans being a subtopic of "Casino columbus" other than that i couldn't explain it to you
and one of the most astonishing is his mother(and possibly his birth) in "Muther" that has several tone shifts
Creativity- unbelievable how they can have so many different sounds into one album. from hyping you up with"R86" to making you tear up with "Muther"
Talent- The talent of each musician leaks at every opurtunity but the even better talent is the group as an ensamble where they all are over the top with the music
Recomended songs- sick,sick 6.8 billion, Renegade 86', Casino Columbus, Muther, and homless jazz.
Summary- letlive. is a great band with a masterpiece in front of you, don't think just buy and you won't regret

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