Factory Floor

Factory Floor

If you ask Nik Colk Void who was in the back of her head while she wrote "Here Again," the earworm-iest song on Factory Floor's debut album, she'll say Michael Jackson. Which seems like a stretch, but listen to it again. The moonwalk melodies are there, lurking just under the surface. They're simply distorted and hammered into the ground by lots of other loopy elements, from the inhuman drum fills of Gabe Gurnsey to the criss-crossing keys of Dominic Butler. And then there's Void's own contributions: guitars that sound more like synths and vocals that somehow remind us of The Cocteau Twins. Only, you know, eminently danceable. All of Factory Floor's songs unfold like this—in a manner that strip-mines its influences (industrial, acid techno, the '80s definition of electro) and then obscures them in squiggly, elasticized overtones that sound like nothing but Factory Floor. Years of buzz-building singles (including the album standouts "Fall Back" and "Two Different Ways") and rigorous closed-door rehearsals led to this, and it shows. The only thing left to do is listen. No wonder that the first song is called "Turn It Up."

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