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1 Rating

Koko big ,

Blessed Non-Conformity

-For starters, for being of a Christian genre which is typically flooded by songs that are over compressed and sound identically poppy; this is very far from that. Each song has a sound all it’s own and isn’t trying to be modern or cutting edge. It finds unique sonic scapes that are at closet reminiscent of a time when Michael W. Smith wasn’t known by adults; only the hip youth of the 90’s. And they aren’t only quirky to be off the wall; the sound is genuine and interesting with enough flavor for the listener to have something to look forward through for multiple listens.
-Creative and original.
-musicality is there; solid voice, not flashy but with enough control to move beyond being placed as an amateur endeavor.
-Solid Sound for as far as can I can tell being a) the first album from this artist
And b) being recorded in a basement/home studio :)

-being recorded as it is; it seems the mix is sometimes the tiniest bit off for me; where the vocals could be louder and piano quieter; however the overall sound is actually incredible for anyone who has tried their hand at recording (myself included)! it sounds waaaayyy! better than it should for a home studio just not as well recorded as say capitol records.

Not a con but a personal observation-
Some songs are just a bit too wordy for me (stylistically), with the intention of getting the point across I imagine...however as a newer artist self-writing, recording, producing, and mastering their own album while probably working a “regular” job... there is more slack available than this album needs; I’m rather excited to hear more work from Wes!

Songs to hear for sure-
-How Good God Is (tribal and well timed, not a simple melody and solid fun!)
-Stranger (as ballad as one could ask for, really showcases Wes’ voice with crisp keys, could be mistaken for Stephen Curtis Chapman)
-Heads Up ( sounds like a good song recorded live and acoustic; about the rapture- my cup of tea and favorite this far!)

Really impressed!