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4.7 out of 5
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36 Ratings

Evil.2win ,

Beautiful, Complicated and, Yes, Japanese

If you have any appreciation for creative, and sometimes challenging, music you'll want to stick around for this intricate tapestry of complex melodies and songs. If you need your music with English subtitles for whatever sad, sorry reason kindly exit from Exit... Shugo Tokumaru's craftsmanship is genius and, indeed, he also happens to occasionally sing in Japanese. Now go figure that.

Sforzando ,

You Will Keep Coming Back To It.

I don't normally review on iTunes, and if I did I would not just pass out the 5 stars like most users do, but this album really deserves it. I have listened to the entire album about 20 times over a month and a half, because I was skeptical about my reasons for like it. Maybe it was just because it was Japanese, maybe it was just an impulsive buy that I wouldn't like later, but now I can confidently say this is a great album. Just listening to the songs you can hear the amount of care that went into them and I find myself singing along even though I don't understand Japanese. To the reviewer who said it's good but gave it 3 stars because it's Japanese, get over it and enjoy it, because it's better than most stuff in America. And to the other 3 star review that said Sigur Ros meets Hello Kitty, what? It's not a twee album, that's one of the things thats so great about it. It isn't just "Oooh Japanese, cute!", it is really skillfully crafted music. I couldn't admit it at first, but this album is better than a lot of American indie bands which I love. If you are on the edge about buying this, get over the fact that it's Japanese and get it, it's great music by any standards and more than worth $10.

episkonte ,


Exit embodies much of the positivity and airiness associated with a sector of Japanese music that includes artists like Takagi Masakatsu, Kazumasa Hashimoto and Tatsuhiko Asano. Harmonicas, handclaps, guitars and numerous other sound makers form Exit's aural tapestry. Organic and mechanical sounds combine to yield something that's not only quintessentially human, but a celebration of humanity. The songs sound like animated toys at play with their inventor, each playing off the strengths of the other to create something rooted in child-like curiosity. The album never devolves into pretense and the songs remain cohesive without becoming monotonous. Despite the language barrier, Tokumaru's playful singing and infectious optimism need no translation.

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