Editors’ Notes After quietly making waves for more than a decade with his solo albums, UK pianist, composer, and arranger Alexis Ffrench performs with two symphony orchestras to breathtaking effect. His music, born of gospel, modern jazz, and pop, rises to new levels of euphoric beauty. The charming “Bluebird” shows off Ffrench’s brilliant gift for melody, and “Waiting to Breathe” is an uplifting, inspiring track, gorgeously orchestrated. That’s not to say that Ffrench has abandoned his solo roots—some of Evolution’s most touching moments can be found in the gentle, almost prayerful “Where Worlds Collide” and the melancholic waltz, “Moments.”

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  • Moments
    Alexis Ffrench
  • At Last
    At Last
    Alexis Ffrench

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