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3.7 out of 5
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143 Ratings

fgaulden ,


Wow! The reviews so far are entirely too harsh. It is true that in certain songs, it sounds like there is only a fraction of the orchestra playing. However, Elena Roger is an EXCELLENT Eva Peron, adding incredible authenticity to the performance. I'm not a Ricky Martin fan, but I thought he sounded fine in his role. Michael Cerveris is an awesome Juan Peron as well. Until this recording, I enjoyed the movie soundtrack version the best. While I do prefer Antonio Banderas in Che's role a bit more than Martin, Elena Roger is a more authentic sounding Eva, and Cerveris is much better than the English sounding Jonathan Price. Overall, this is my favorite recording of the musical and should be a must-buy for any Evita fan.

Fer123nyc ,

Come on now!

I saw this on broadway. And seriously my ears screeched when I heard this woman sing! Horrible.This album horrible too. Elena's roger accent is so heavy that you can't enjoy the wonderful lyrics let alone the wonderful music, her voice in english is annoying and Nagy . Also this sounds as a Ricky Martin album, i kept telling myself "so living la vida Loca comes on.......now!" soundtrack does not capture the magic that is Evita, the great musical harmonies with great vocal harmonies are not present here. Sounds like it was recorded with 4 instruments. Thumbs down. People went to see it just because Ricky was in it. Mr. Lloyd. I'm suffering just as you.

NyquilDriver ,


The good: the arrangments are breathtaking. Michael Cerveris is a great Peron! Rachel Potter's rendition of "Another Suitcase in Another Hall" is the best version I have heard!

The bad: Elena Roger's voice is astonishingly grating. I enjoy her accent, but I can't listen to my very favorite songs in the musical ("A New Argentina" and "Rainbow High") because when she tries to hit the high notes, I can't help flinching. Nails on a chalkboard! It's so disappointing, because I was looking forward to listening to her rendition of things. (I hadn't heard the previous London recording.) I like the attitude she brings to the role, and I even like her accent, but her singing voice juuust doesn't cut it.

The funny: Ricky Martin sounds like an American white guy.

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