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Ocjena: 11

Blackhole6767 ,

Not galantis at all......

I miss their old amazing stuff, but this I have no interest in AT ALL

Alex Nonhof ,

Not as good

Sorry guys, but this doesn’t seem like you. What I love about you guys is the way you sound, but I don’t get this in this song. Your first 2 albums where amazing, and some songs from the aviary are good too, but I feel like you’re losing that part of yourselves now😕

StarWarsSam101 ,

This is not the REAL Galantis

If you want a good example of how amazing the EDM duo Galantis is, this is not what you’re looking for. I think some people could agree with me that some tracks from The Aviary would be better than this. As a message to them, I hope you can sell a new album (if that is in fact what you’re planning) with some songs that truly represent your good music (Pharmacy anyone?). I’m not saying I don’t like these newer singles, but try and follow your successful original album and use it as a model for new material. This is just the opinion from a fan who wants the best and wishes success in Galantis’ future. I hope this possible new album is good.

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