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4.7 out of 5
529 Ratings

529 Ratings

Logan Square ,

What a great songwriter.

The most impressive thing about this record is that it's obviously a "studio record" in a clean and non-chance taking way, yet Max and crew deliver fully.

I have a feeling "In Defense..." was given to Max if he promised to delivered a record that the record label could promote into the corporate world.

Despite the guidelines, Max spilled his heart and talents all over the audio canvas.

From the first track to the last you can hear everything Max has learned as a songwriter packed into perfectly arranged and melodic songs.

Congrats, I wish them all the success they deserve.

GatoDelSol ,

The Hardcore SA Fans Will Love It

The Beam Team's themes might be growing up and evolving, but you can still hear those classic riffs circa "Is A Real Boy..." circulating in there.

From a music connoisseur's perspective, I have to Admit It!... this album is not better than In Defense or IARB.

But as a diehard Say Anything fan, I've gotta say, I'll be hooked for months.

The Longfellows ,

My Synesthesia is Blooming

I see colours when I look at words, and reading the lyrics; letting the notes of this album fall upon my ears, I found my head bursting with colour. This album is deep at times, something you don't find in most of today's over-produced, over-appreciated music. Depth nowadays is almost shallow, but Max Bemis is in the deep end. His poetry is unique and takes careful dissection to understand sometimes. I not only love this band, but I respect Max, his battle with a bi-poplar condition, and his incredible knack for making you tilt your head with a smile when listening to the words.

That being said i found 3/4s of this album very catchy. The music was very well constructed, with a few strings here and there. The riff on "Do Better" towards the end really had my foot tapping:D "Hate Everyone" really just fit me:P It's practically my theme song. I could take the time to pick apart the rest of these songs, but I say you see for yourself. If you're a Say Anything fan or a newcomer, you're in for a treat;)

5/5, 10 out of 10 :D

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