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442 Ratings

Shady Obscurity ,

The Greatest Game of All Time.

I've played many games but this is the only game that gives me nostalgia. When the sun light shines through the trees just right and a cool breeze rushes up to meet me I find myself humming one of these tunes and dreaming of 1997. The day I slid this game from its plastic covering was the beginning of the best gaming experience of my life.

Nijhazer ,

A turning point for Uematsu

The soundtrack to Final Fantasy VII is totally unlike its predecessors. Gone are the short, catchy melodies of previous Final Fantasy albums, in favor of a newer sound that, like Final Fantasy VII, is darker and more introspective. Composer Nobuo Uematsu was somewhat more challenged by this soundtrack than by any previous albums; this was Square's first Final Fantasy game for the PlayStation, which distinguished itself from other consoles by allowing far more sound channels, and even CD-based audio, for richer and more diverse soundtracks.

To this day I remain disappointed that Uematsu never took fuller advantage of the PlayStation's sound capabilities throughout its lifespan. The digital instruments used in the music of Final Fantasy VII sounded rough and drab at the time of this soundtrack's release, and they certainly don't sound any better today. On the other hand, the orchestral arrangements of these songs heard in the "Dear Friends" concert bring to brilliant life what truly are some of Uematsu's finest works: "Flowers Blooming in the Church" and "Anxiety" are hauntingly beautiful, while "JENOVA" remains one of the more complex (and exciting) pieces from any Final Fantasy album. Of course, "One-Winged Angel" remains a fan favorite, largely because it was the first Final Fantasy song to feature a recorded vocal track.

I originally purchased this album for $70 upon release and while it's not my favorite Final Fantasy album, it is perhaps the most significant of this series' soundtracks. For the price asked on the iTunes Music Store, it's well worth a purchase.

Doc Was Here ,

final fantasy 7 is the best

best music from a video game ever

final fantasy 7 rocks

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