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8 Ratings

etcetera213 ,

amazing lyrical content

many days jammed it to the max.. i never had my own copy until now. i had it on cassette for like 7 years then i made a crappy copy to a cd from cassette and it sounded it bad but i jammed it hardcore.JAMS JAMS JAMS. It was ahead of its time and so i say it still jams no doubt.oh and everytime i heard these mc's i understood something new that just hit hard.

Mizzicah ,

Great Battle Rap Record

This comes from a crew that sort of introduced battle rap to the christian market although it leans more heavily to the battle side than the christian side thematically speaking. These guys were doing in 95 what most non-christians would start putting out in years to come. Very cutting edge for the time and it still stands the test of time.

Highlights of the record are,
1. A Place Called Hip Hop
2. Hour Glass
3. Worst Enemy Greatest Allie
4. Earthworm
5. To Late
6. Judge Not
7. Deafening Silence
10. Then Came the Dawn

Out of those Tracks, "Hour Glass" & "Earthworm" are the must haves of the record. Here are some favorite lyrics of mine from the song "Earthworm".

"None of you mediocre clones who flow gangsta pimps can face me, check this. You think cause folks buy your silly syllables on beats sounding as basketball dribbles that your fresh, Yeah right. Bring that trendy little crew downstairs where paper tigers get tore, swearing by their bitten styles. You know who you are, don't make me point you out with index. In the underground it rains windex. So we'll see clearer your syntax error. Your rhymes are so predictable I could freestyle better than your meditated, sedated, out dated vocab."

These lyrics happen to be featured in the preview of "Earthworm" so enjoy that.



Check any gospel hip hop artist's list of most influential emcees and you'll find LPG at the top. This record changed the whole game when it dropped. It's still stands the test of time with it's content and lyrical creativity. Heads are still behind on what happened on this record. Definitely the record that began and eneded a few careers. God bless LPG who brought the gospel and real hip hop to a generation of church kids who were STARVING FOR IT!

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