10 Songs, 36 Minutes


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4.9 out of 5
263 Ratings

263 Ratings

Tashaaa_x3 ,

So. Much. Yes.

This album feels like a glass of whiskey by the fireplace, it feels like slow dancing with the person you love, it feels like a whispered lullaby as you fall asleep, it feels like a calming center in the midst of so much chaos. I love how you mix and match the simplicity of lyrics with layers and layers of sound, I love how the tempo shifts when you least expect it, I love how some of the songs just build. This is an incredible volume one and I am so excited for this to quickly make it to the top of my most played list.

GainsAndLosses ,

Jensen Ackles is hot. That doesn’t make this album great.

I’ve now fully listened to the entire album and am ready to give my opinion, which no one asked for.
The music? Good, varies between folksy and southern rock in my opinion. The voices? Good, decent range and expression.

The lyrics? No. I’d offer that each of these songs is about 50% of a song. I know that there are variations in years of experience with the members of the band but I would suggest that they spend sometime with the a variety of experienced lyricists before the second album.

Overall a valiant first attempt for the group. I think they have potential but this album needed more workshopping and probably more honest opinions before they finalized it.

_marci_23 ,

Ten seconds in and I’ve never hit my screen so hard

Let me tell you- I wasn’t even ten seconds in and as soon as Jensen started singing- my gawd my ovaries. Anyways tho seriously some good music for some good times.