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38 Ratings

blyfox ,

Dueling Banjos Album

As a general rule, I don't care for banjo music and bluegrass is definitely a required taste, as are so many good things (Laphroaig, English-Blend Pipe Tobacco, bagpipes, etc.).

If you are among those who've acquired the taste (even if you aren't) this is one to have – it's what I'd call sophisticated bluegrass, mostly on and always with, the banjo; the instrument is certainly as well played as it could possibly be.

I'd never heard of Weissberg (even though I've seen the movie Deliverance - who remembers credits?), but this album demonstrates that he's a master.

Don't let the slow beginning fool you - the rest goes, surely, as fast as a banjo can be picked.

The tone of the instrument, also, is better than any I've ever heard, recorded or otherwise (my brother owns a Gibson).

As an aside: if you haven't seen Deliverance, it's a very interesting piece of work - abstruse as well as a mite scary.

Robarts ,

A Classic

Among banjo players this album is a classic. In 1963 Electra released this album by Eric Weissberg and Marshall Brickman (the Oscar winning screen writer and director). It was the first LP that included melodic banjo style. When the film Deliverance was released, and Weissberg played the now iconic Dueling Banjos for the soundtrack, the album was repackaged under a new name with the inclusion of Dueling Banjos. In the process one cut, No Title Yet Blues, was dropped. Of interest is the fact that Clarence White was the guitar player on the album (with the exclusion of the Dueling Banjo cut).

rmstudio ,

Piece of Heritage and out country

There are some things in music you have to have to make your pallete complete to have a balance of all natural things and this is one of those American Staples. I dont think there is any better plucking and Picking on a banjo than on this album. The first reviewer above is right its true "Bluegrass" is an aquired taste but its a good one. I can say this coming from a me a 1/2 "Mexican" I prefer being a "Mexican than a "Mexicant". I like to be open to listen to good music wherever its from. This is what America is about open and a melting pot. Somehow sometimes this kind of music is looked at as old ways or times of the dark begings in this country but I see it as a piece of american history. Enjoy it!

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