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4.8 out of 5
16 Ratings

16 Ratings

Amedeo29 ,

They’re back, baby

2013’s Electric was an exhilarating return to form for Pet Shop Boys. The album garnered them some of their best reviews in decades. In the UK, where the band hail from, it was their highest performing album on the charts since 1993’s Very.
So it was more than a little disappointing to listen to 2016’s ironically titled Super. The album, while impeccably produced for the most part, felt uninspired and at times dated. It’s not a bad album, it’s just not that great either.
Then we get two EPs in 2019, the depressingly unimaginative Agenda, and the offbeat Musik. Neither did anything for me. The first felt rushed, overly compressed, noisy, and lyrically void of any warmth. The latter just felt ‘meh’.
Enter Dreamland, their lead single from the yet-to-be-titled 2020 studio album. What they’ve been lacking since Electric is more than made up for here. The song is gloriously produced, sounding almost triumphant. “Don’t count us out!” The lyrics are poignant, the vocals are crisp, Y&Y’s guest appearance is refreshing. This is easily their best single since 2009’s “Love Etc”.
If you are a PSB fan, you’ll be over the moon. If you’re just a fan of pop, dance, or electronic music, this song will scratch that itch for you. It’s sticky, catchy fun. Get it!

TonyFromSyracuse ,

GREAT song...BUT....

I think collaborations just muddy things up. I would have preffered it was just the PSB on the song.
its a tad dry but the chorus is so wonderful.

its nice coming after the AMAZING "Social Media" song which perfectly captures our world now. anyways hope this album moves away from the tinny cheapness of SUPER and there is some tracks that are more orchestrated and acoustic. I need another "You only tell me you love me when your drunk". for like 2 back to back albums they have been dishing out kinda cheap plastic sounding music...well ok, except for Dictator decides...sad robot world,into thin air, those I have to admit are absolutly great tunes. but I want more fundamental than Super. hopefully this album has it. oh, and ROLL ON THE B-SIDES!! thanks for those the most!! cant wait...its like we get 2 new albums!

Taha137 ,

What Men Want

This single is a step in a corrective direction. While Agenda and Musik were themed and served their respective porposes, the last moment of musical accountability has to have been "Super" which was anything but. The production was generic, the strive for trend implied having missed that boat. I know the Pet Shiop Boys have not, but in fact, have probably gone for an easier route than they would have in 1987's Actually or even 1993's Very. One leading keyboard, and a regular continous beat with no detail in percussion, layered sequencers or orchaestral scores, Super was propped up with every trick from a tour to merchandice, but it could not hold its own and did less for the Pet Shop Boys than more.

If this song is an indication for what is to come, it is a step back to catchy memorable melodies (mostly absent from recent albums and EPs), fuller sound and purposeful lyrics. Maybe the production could still be better (Chris may consider spending more time in studio than leaving it to engineers), but the result is excellent on so many levels. This is certainly a promising start, an excellent melody and all around song that makes a promise for an album to match, even, hopefully, surpass.... terrific.

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