14 Songs, 24 Minutes


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4.9 out of 5
1.6K Ratings

1.6K Ratings

Kowon ,

Joss Whedon, I love you for this

I'm on my second listening of this soundtrack, and it only gets better. However, I feel obligated to point out some pros and cons. Pro: I can now listen to these songs without having to fast-forward through the dialogue on the videos. Con: it's $10 more that Joss Whedon, our lord and master, has taken from me.

Still, there are worse things to spend ten bucks on. For example, food.

Corrupt Hardware ,

The music is made out of notes!

The singing is done with voices! Why are you reading this? It's not like you're thinking about getting these and don't already know every song. It's Doc Horrible. If you're cool enough to be looking at the soundtrack, then you're cool enough to spend $10 on it. You know why? Cause stuff that makes money gets turned in larger projects. CLICK IT! CLICK THE BUYING BUTTON NOW!

lordandrei ,

Yes, I admit to being a Whedon Fan. That being said...

...this purchase was going to happen.

As a long time lover and student of musical theatre and the musical in film; Whedon has had another mini yet major success with "Dr. Horrible's Sing a-long Blog." The music is truly infectious and yet still fits a stunning plot for an enjoyable 45 minute story.

Neil Patrick Harris' voice is both comforting and full of life and character. Felicia Day and Nathan Fillon fill out this stellar cast that proved not only that evil could conquer good; but that the internet was a viable market for quality entertainment.

For those that haven't seen the 3 part video series it is a must watch. Whedon's stylings have an almost Sondheim meets Rent quality. And for those infected by the songs, now the soundtrack is here.

I recommend without hesitation or doubt. Buy the album... gift it to friends. And watch the Horrible Blog over and over.

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