13 Songs, 56 Minutes


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4.2 out of 5
28 Ratings

28 Ratings

LauraY70 ,

Too long

“You Already Know” seriously needs a radio edit...

Jsa1192 ,

I'm in LOVE (all over again) 😍😍😍

Fergie's new album 'Double Duchess' is hands down AMAZING from beginning to end! it's classic Fergie all the way with a modern twist plus the album has a little bit of everything for whatever mood you're in, it has songs that make you wanna get up and dance, party in a club, kick back and chill & even some beautiful emotionally charged songs/ballads that give you ALL the feels 😭 If that's not the definition of an amazing album then I don't know what is... Keep up the great work Fergie-Ferg only YOU can make a follow up sophomore album 11yrs after your debut album & STILL be just as good if not better (and I'm definitely going for better!) 😍 if you like Fergie or any of her previous songs etc then I HIGHLY suggest getting this album & giving it a chance because chances are it will grow on you & become your new favorite go-to album because it's just that good 😉 tbh I had some doubts at first (not releasing an album for 10yrs+ etc) but those were QUICKLY put to rest after jamming out to this album multiple times over its release day weekend then I never looked back the rest was history! I would honestly suggest getting the 'Deluxe Visual Experience' version though because for only $2 more it includes a beautiful, well done hour long "film" that features videos/visuals for every song on the album (said to be included as a "little treat" for making fans wait so long for the albums release) which I think is amazing & really brings the album to life (i.e. Beyonće's Lemonade album/visual film) But if you REALLY don't care about the visual film/music videos then I would get the standard album OR the target exclusive version cd (my personal pick) which feature 2 exclusive bonus tracks: 'Diddy Zone' & 'Kleopatra' which are BANGERS for sure (that should've been included on the standard album since they are so good) but the target exclusive version cd (or any cd version of 'Double Duchess' for the record) does NOT include the 'visual experience' film, sadly... 😢 I think they should've included it as a DVD bonus disc for the standard/Target exclusive CD versions of the album or at LEAST a special "deluxe" version that includes the 'Visual Experience' but if you do happen to get it on cd get the Target version because the 2 extra songs make up for the missing film (way better than getting the standard version cd WITHOUT the 2 bonus tracks for the exact same price or even cheaper since it's $10 @ target right now). P.S. sorry for my long a** review I got a little carried away/excited 😅 only because of how AMAZING this album is & how it makes me feel (I couldn't help it lol) 😭 If you don't at the very LEAST listen to this album & try to give it a chance you are REALLY missing out! (OK end rant) Hahaha 😜❤️

Itsbarbiebxtch ,


Okay Fergie I hear you girl...the creativity and beats in this are stunning!!

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