Dope Don't Sell Itself

Dope Don't Sell Itself

Ahead of the release of Dope Don’t Sell Itself, the first 2 Chainz release since 2020’s So Help Me God!, the MC born Tauheed Epps tweeted somewhat cryptically, “This gone be my last trap album, enjoy.” 2 Chainz has, of course, built a career dating as far back as his membership in the Ludacris-cosigned duo Playaz Circle—Chainz then rapping as Tity Boi—by elevating ATL slick talk into fine art. So if Dope Don’t Sell Itself is indeed the final word on the MC’s drug dealer talk, there are much worse ways to go out. “Sold green, sold white, sold lyrics,” he says plainly on “Million Dollars Worth of Game.” The song, like so many others on the project, is both rife with wisdom and sprinkled with random pieces of the 2 Chainz story. He’s admonishing other MCs for talking too much about their own history in the streets on “Vlad TV,” but is willing to tell us about how he once “made a million dollars bootlegging my own mixtape” on “10 Bracelets.” He’ll talk up his sex game on songs like “Neighbors Know My Name” and “If You Want Me To,” but would also like to be acknowledged for all the work he’s put in as an artist on songs like “Bet It Back” and “Lost Kings.” The project’s title is something of a flex as is, and if there’s something to take from it, it’s that 2 Chainz has always been one hell of a salesman.

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