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Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics.


Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics.

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4.9 out of 5
90 Ratings

90 Ratings

Katotime ,

silly good.

buy this. if you like Atmosphere, Sage, Brother Ali, spoken word, art, wit, intelligence or just good music.....buy this. then sit there and listen to it over and over and over. and recognize how huge they're gonna be. throw them wings up kids.

papercraneblocks ,

Doomtree- "Doomtree" (2008)

"It's been a long time coming," is part of the chorus on cecil otter's stand-out track, "Let Me Tell You, Baby"- and it really has been. Doomtree have been a collective for 5-odd years or so, and apart from P.O.S' rhymesayers output, they had yet to record a big-league album. For years, they'd been tolling around with their 'Falsehopes" series of EP's, all the while cultivating a commanding live presence to showcase their collective talents. However, until Last Year's full-crew falsehopes, they hadn't much to show for it in terms of released material. There had been rumblings of a crew album for years, always promised to be done soon; in July, 2008, it finally happened. a long time coming, indeed.

And well worth the wait. The showcase of talent here is awe-inspiring; clever wordplay on top of beats that go all over the place and still hold it together. Each of the 5 MCs (POS, Dessa, Cecil Otter, Mike Mictlan, and Sims) brings something different to the table, and with 4 producers (Paper Tiger, Lazerbeak, MK Larada, as well as DJ Turbo Nemesis) to back them up, the music is never dull; there is always something worth hearing in most of these songs.

Missteps are few, but they're usually the province of Sims. He is by far the least interesting of these rappers, and really the only weak spot of the whole group. His cadence never changes, which can make his verses monotonous after a while (and there are a lot of them). the worst damage he does is on "Down the line"- he spits lazily while mike mictlan says something very quickly. It's the only real throwaway track on the album, and easily the worst beat here.

Other than that though, it's nothing but net. "drumsticks" throws all 5 MC's in the mix in rapidfire succession; "Game show Host" mines Cecil Otter's well established Western-Noir territory (and his verse is among the best on the whole record); "Game Over" makes Mike Mictlan sound dope; credit this to beatmaker Paper Tiger, who goes for broke throwing this one together and hits perfectly.

The best songs Of the whole bunch all happen to feature Dessa, the crew's lone female MC. She commands attention with every word she raps; she makes you listen to her.
"Dots & Dashes" (POS, Dessa, MK Larada) is the best song on the record. it rides propulsive drums and a colorful blanket of sound to its resounding chorus.
"Kid Gloves", a Duo with Mictlan (Produced by Lazerbeak) rides some nice horns and auxilary percussion through a sea of synths, and it comes out sounding very of the moment, with Dessa meshing rediculously well with the backdrop.
Finally, Closing Track "Jaded" (Dessa, POS, Cecil Otter) Is a somber piece, with all three MC's simmering instead of shouting, and after an album this intense, it's a perfect way to do it. Pianos and drum claps accentuate the atmosphere of a smoky bar on the way to last call; and everything in it brings the album to a natural conclusion.

Honestly, Hip-Hop doesn't really get much better than Doomtree. They're worth every penny you can spend.
Key Tracks: Dots & Dashes, Game Over, Sadie Hawkins, Kid Gloves, Jaded, Accident

the grilled cheese sandwich monster ,

the doom unit

better get used to it

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