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482 Ratings

Perfect_Tiffany ,

Doom ep

This band gets a lot of criticism for its not so technical guitar playing and its hardcore beats (which loser hardcore kids hardcore dance to, and most people are too stuck on genre stereotypes nowadays to fully appreciate this music). The songs are good with good vocal work, the range of the bands musical talents are decent and drums are pretty good. By all means this band is a deathgrind band, but the elements previously listed help pull it all together. This album would be more for people who are newer to metal or not so picky about their metal, there are better bands out there, but this one shouldn't be over looked. They're barely out of high school!

myspace.com/deathmagickforadepts ,

yes.... now you can die

this is the best ep that you will ever hear.. buy it, no questions asked... ENTOMBMENT OF A MACHINE!!!!

ColombianCarlos ,

Everyone is divided which is what makes this an excellent album

So many people seem so divided by this album, to me that seems like such a good thing, it evokes a passion from people, either love or hate. I first heard this album after my friend brought it into work and I fell in love. I listen to mostly crust and punk, things more like Skitsystem, Nausea, Extreme Noise Terror, Appalachian Terror Unit, Kylesa, Black Market Fetus, and for those who know the Minneapolis scene Ganglion, Dianoga, Provoked, and Bodies Lay Broken. To me this album was a revelation, it took a lot of the elements that I love about crust but made it so much more technical and metal. Up to this point the highlight of metal was At The Gates, but hearing this drastically changed my perspective. JFAC's brutal vocals, grinding rhythms, and rapid fire guitar work make this an absolutely essential album for anyone who loves punishing music. Six songs is perfect for this band, long and brutal enough to keep you interested and grinding, and short enough to keep the material fresh and less drawn out. Laden with pig squeals, crust scream vocals, and superbly dark lyricism it will not dissapoint. The problem is the "scene" the band is associated with, as emo kids now progress into heavier music they wear this album and band as a badge of honor. However, I much rather have them come to our scene to get brutalized then have them continue to support god metal like Norma Jean or Underoath or whatever you want to call it. Their follow up is, like any sophmore album, a trial by fire exploring the limits of the genre with haphazard results. Still, we can expect great things from this young band.

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