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68 Ratings

bordersj2 ,

Terrible, Awful and Incorrect Original Write-Up

I see exactly what the previous two reviewers meant. There's an irresponsible amount of mis-information in the original write-up. Jade is a group I remember VERY well from the early 90's. Their hits like "Don't Walk Away" were very infectious anmd had a great beat, and they were talented singers and performers in their day. Their sound was tied pretty close to the New Jack Swing movement of that era as well and their sound reflects it. There were a wonderful group and hearing their music takes me back to those times and gives me good memories. It was popular R&B tunes from the time...

But all of this is missed by the original reviewer, who hasn't a clue about musical styles and what was popular in that era. He/She could be forgiven if the comparison was made to say, Brownstone. But instead he compares them to En Vogue and SWV, groups that are vastly different from Jade, let alone one another and the demographics that they aspired to reach. In fact, the reviewer is so clueless, he/she hasn't a clue about pop music from the late 80's/early 90's too - otherwise he'd know that "I Wanna Love You" has less of a similarity to Janet Jackson's sound (which was evolving), and was obviously more closely related to Color Me Bad's "I Wanna Sex You Up".

So the music... just what you'd expect from Jade. It'll bring back the memory. But I implore anyone to ignore the shocking original write-up of this album in the decision making. It's one thing to have an opinion regarding the quality, but this guy/girl gets simple facts wrong so really hasn't any credibility.


Awesome Debut !!!

First let me say that the person who wrote the album review is awful. Their job that they were to perform is in the title (Album Review). Instead what we get is a litany of their personal philosophy of female R and B groups of the early 90's and their worthless assessment. The album is a smash hit! Trust me, in our community, we know exactly who they are.
Jade's vocals are great and the subject matter is exactly what young urban women were experiencing. And acts like SWV, EnVogue, Mary J Blige filled those roles along with Jade.

SqueakythatsMe ,

Jade where are y'all.

Loved their cassette. Their sound was very heart felt. I mean when they would sing you could feel it in your body. Love and miss their sound.😉

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