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2.5 / 5
79 értékelés

79 értékelés

Foible place ,

We want to rock

Love the raw emotion that Hoobastank plays with. That said, this album is just not doing it for me. It too electronic and manufactured and doesn’t have the raw pure emotion that I expected. I was psyched when I saw this album pop up on iTunes but boy did that excitement end fast. I know life changes but styles shouldn’t. You are a rock band and not a pop act!

dsm100572 ,

Another great rock band bites the dust

It's sad...it really is. Rock is dying quickly in America. This song proves it. Pure crap guys...I hope you read this.

thewesterfew ,

I sure hope the first single isn't indicative of the whole album

I was excited to see a new single from Hoobastank, only to wonder if I was listening to Maroon 5. They tried something different, but it's not working for me. Hope the rest of the album is better.

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