12 Songs, 58 Minutes


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8 Ratings

8 Ratings

michelelalaz ,

oh sweet bliss

Mary Bogue sings the blues like no one else. She brings her own style full of love and joy. Every song is a favorite of mine. I have to admit, it's on every playlist. She sings to my heart and lights up the night as if stars were shooting under the full moon as she wraps me tight in velvet and silk and the universe is all at one. She gives good love in this moment and time. She is so generous with her truth of universal equality. I love listening and shutting out the world, for there at that time the world is a kind and gentle loving place. Mary makes you feel so good, safe, loved and like she is singing to you as if she knows your heart as she feeds your soul. You deserve a feel good validation today, so buy yourself a gift that will keep on giving you the uplifting music of Mary Bogue! ....this is my way of paying it forward, to let you know you deserve to experience the songstress that radiates love, peace, joy, beauty, grace, growth and the validation you deserve. Feel the love! Give yourself the eargasmic delight of Ms Bogue. Enjoy <3 ...you will be very happy and feel alive and believe in love and magic.

KilroyR ,

Great Album.

An instant classic. Mary slips into each silky melody like a clandestine lover arriving at 3 a.m. - it's all mood and desire. The song choices couldn't be better and Mary's vocals always find subtle and surprising ways to express deep emotions. Black Coffee/Heartbreak Hotel is a marvel of intertwining phrases that blend with gentle persuasion - reinventing two classics with masterful ease. Unchain My Heart is a particular delight showcasing Mary's ability to illustrate the hard-earned, slow-burn life of a woman who made choices out of love and passion. Highly recommended.

dancer13 ,

Don't Go To Strangers

Meet Mary Bogue....sultry, saucy and subdued... all on one CD! Her progressive entry into the music scene has been solid and dynamic. In her CD, Don't Go to Strangers, she paints a musical collage with her palette of renditions- which include standards, classics, blues and one sassy debut duet. All of these pieces have a fresh expression due to Mary's heartfelt vocal artistry: for example, Fly Me to Moon, has the feel of Swing. The musicians accompanying her on her debut CD are no strangers to Mary or to the top echelon of the music world. They provide a fabulous canvas for her painting; then add a touch of the legendary Les McCann to frame the project. Heavenly!! On the CD cover, Mary beckons with her eyes....don't go to strangers...... come to my CD .