8 Songs, 56 Minutes


Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics.


Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics.

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4.6 out of 5
14 Ratings

14 Ratings

Johnny The Fake ,

befriend an childkiller

This is one of snares genuine sick breakcore classics. Includes some dark and disturbing clips. the weak should turn away now! If your not open minded enough, you wont be able to enjoy snares stuff. in that case, go find something else pansy...

tragnast ,

SICK and EVIL!!!

No joke man, this is dark electronic rotting insanity. If you were tripping, you seriously might start a religion about venetian snares(or just freak out). This is a hyperspeed-glonked-twerked out album of the Lord Satan's Demon...

Chieftx ,

a strange and horrifying nightmare

this is the first entire Snares album I have ever purchased, and it is a great one. track one "pygmalion" introduces you to some kind of gloomy nightmare soundscape punctuated with bits of the usual VSnares Jazz-ish percussion attack and continues though tracks 1-3. Tracks 4-6 connect to form an even more violent song starting with "Dollmaker" which samples a orchestrated remix of a Metallica song and transforms it into a menacing and violent meaoldy. "befriend a Childkiller" starts with a hazy and hypnotic sway then cuts off into a series of super quick bursts of drums. then comes the aptly named "Pressure Torture" which is a merciless electronic assault. the album ends in the most violent, abysmal, and darkest track I have ever heard. "All the Children are Dead" is an excellent and powerful climax to the album, if you are going to get just one song out of the whole album I would recommend this one. it's not the most violent album VSnares has made but it is definitely his darkest.

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