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42 Ratings

ColdHardDrewth ,

Great music by Murray, as usual... but songs are CHANGED

I had like 5 songs I wanted most and I'm incredibly upset that they're actually altered from what we heard on TV on this set.

1) Majestic Tale of An Idiot With A Box starts off quieter and has a lovely build on TV, but here the song immediately has percussion and extra bombastic flavor added that was not present.

2) Every Christmas Is Last Christmas is missing the hauntingly beautiful choir / vocals during the pivotal minute when The Doctor finds out Clara is still young and he's still dreaming. This really frustrates me.

3) Forgetting is an altered version of a song I really enjoyed that played at the end of Robot of Sherwood and Forest of the Night, but the alteration bothers me far less than the first two.

4) Twelve's theme is great. The first minute seems out of place. His theme on here is actually a suite of like 4 variations of the theme that played on TV. My only other complaint is it ends rather suddenly instead of using, what I always believed was the ending to the theme. I'm talking about in the Caretaker... after his theme plays it has a really cool ending with very little instrumentation... and that's not present on any songs in this album

Okay, the album is good Murray stuff, but they have got to stop releasing songs on the albums that aren't the same as what we heard on TV. For that, I'm docking this baby 1 star.

iPad31 ,

Door Boring Not Me...

For those of you wondering which song has the music from Deep Breath where The Doctor has the chalk, the song with that music is Pudding Brains.

MorningstarQuinn ,

Impressive! ▲

Listened to the previews of all the tracks… and I must say, Murray Gold really outdid himself on the scoring for Series 8! MUCH different from what we’ve heard during Matt Smith’s time… and even Eccleston and Tennant’s, as The Doctor. Very evocative in sound to scoring you might hear in Torchwood. But in other places, it sounds almost like a digital, 21st Century channeling of the scorings of Classic Who. VERY impressed here. Can’t wait for the full release! (posted on June 3rd, 2015)

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