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derbekah ,

Another hit soundtrack by Gold

This album is amazing. If you enjoyed Gold's first soundtrack to the revived Doctor Who series, you will love this one as well! It was put together and performed very well and you won't want to skip a single track! Some of my favorites include All the Strange Strange Creatures, Martha's Theme, Boe, Mr. Smith and Joan, The Doctor Forever, and This Is Gallifrey (quite a moving piece). I can't get enough of this kind of music. :-)

JariF ,

Cinematic. Amazing.

One thing that stunned me about season 3 of Doctor Who was just how absolutely amazing the soundtrack was. Every episode I just couldn't get over the fact that I was listening to music that I'd expect out of a movie. This soundtrack is epic, moving, and exciting, and to me it is partly what elevated this season into something amazing. I truly hope that the next season has a soundtrack as good as this.

My personal favorites:
"This is Gallifrey: Our Childhood. Our Home": I about cry every time I listen to this. There is this real sense of longing for something beautiful but is now lost that is almost palpable throughout. I can't recommend this enough.
"Boe": Beautiful and hopeful. Not so much happy...but a reminder to be happy.
"All the Strange Strange Creatures (The Trailer Music)": It says trailer music in the title, so you know you're in for a loud, wild ride right away.
"The Doctor Forever": Heroic and triumphant. That's the Doctor alright.
"The Carrionites Swarm": Music to get your heart pounding.
"Martha's Theme": Ethereal and mysterious, but with a godly, heroic air to it.
"The Runaway Bride": No Doctor Who soundtrack favorites list is complete without a good chase scene theme. This one is just complete fun and excitement all around.
"The Stowaway": A fun christmas song. You'll be humming it all day, I assure you.
"The Evolution of the Daleks": I almost didn't add this, but I couldn't help it. It's just so over the top that it's practically goofy. If you really want something goofy and fun though, I'd go with "Gridlocked Cassinis".

I could keep going with favorites, but then I'd end up listing nearly the entire album, which is completely worth buying in its entirety.

ssaattbb ,

Murray Gold triumphs again.

The mark of a superior film or television score is its ability to create a mood, highlight a scene, or frame action (or lack thereof), without being obtrusive or noticiable in its own right. Murray Gold has created a third series of scoring that equally stands on its own as fantastic "concert" music, but at the same time perfectly compliments Doctor Who. This new album, paired with its predecessor soundtrack of series 1 & 2 are a MUST for every Doctor Who fan.

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